Little Dip Conservation Park–South Australia

15 Aug 13
We have driven into the Little Dip Conservation Park. Some dirt road driving for the Caravan. We have set up camp at the Long Gully Campground which is a grassy area sheltered by large sand dunes. The skies have cleared and the sun is shining however the winds have not abated and are at gale force.  Fortunately the greatest force of the wind is going over the top. We have also backed the van in a small area surrounded by mallee bush which is also acting as an effective wind break.
The Little Sip Conservation Park is wedged between the Southern Ocean and a network of lakes and wetlands, this coastal park is just south of Robe township. The shoreline is fretted by wild surf beaches and limestone headlands. Although key locations are accessible by conventional vehicles, a 4WD is needed to explore the full breadth of the park’s coastal strip and dune systems. It’s a popular getaway for fishing and beachcombing, while the mallee scrub and shoreline walks near Fresh Water and Big Dip lakes are more serene destinations.
There are no facilities however the caravan is self sufficient and we took on an extra 100 liters of water in Kingston just in case. Clear skies this evening so spent some time watching shooting stars.

16 Aug 13
Woke up to a sunny morning but the rain squalls started as we left to explore the area. Decided to walk around the rocks and beaches rather than drive the 4WD Tracks.  Again considered fishing but by this time the rain was horizontal with the strength of the wind so we headed back to camp.
To pass the time in the rain Steven set up a system to catch the rain water and feed into the second tank so he could have an extra long hot shower!!
Again we have the whole place to ourselves (wonder why?) so we can use the generator when needed, there is TV reception and internet using the high gain antennas however mobile phones only work occasionally if you put arm in the air, hold your tongue the right way.

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