Cornwall to France

Friday 26th August 2011
100_9002Departed St. Agnes Cornwall at 9.20am on the 26 August to join the traffic on the motor ways back to Wimborne as Trish had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon to receive some test results. We then booked a ferry from Dover to Dunkirk for the 28 Aug and we are headed to the south of France.
Even though ferries to France leave from Poole only a few kilometers away is was still more cost effective to cross the channel with a 7.2m motorhome using DFDS Seaways from Dover to Dunkirque A$64 and then drive the 900k or so south than to take a longer ferry crossing from Poole  A$390 to A$450, with a drive of 500k or so. Fortunately for us we also have the time.
We decided to treat ourselves to take away meals for dinner. In the evening we shared in a fun time of Benomino’s game with Shirley and Kelly before retiring for the night.
Saturday 27th August 2011
Trish was up early to take the advantage of internet to email family and friends and then we used Skype to talk to family back in Australia. Steven was on the100_9019 receiving end of a hair cut by Trish with Shirley’s hair clipper set.
After packing up the motor home we set off from Shirley and Kelly’s to head for Canterbury to the same coach park (Aires) we used in June to stay overnight. The price was GBP 8  and is now up to GBP 10 for 24 hours. After arriving we did a final soy milk stock up in Sainsbury before closing up for the night and cooking dinner.
Sunday 28th August 2011.
SANY0019Up early we headed for Dover to the ferry terminal all very smooth and well organised. However this time Trish had her passport stamped by the French Authorities so the Euro countries  visa clock has now started (3 months stay in any 6 months period).

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