Future Scope–Poitiers – France

100_9147We arrived at the Future Scope car park very late at 12:30am. We had stopped a two small Airs around 8pm however they only had space for 3-4 Motorhomes and were full by the time we arrived. So we pushed on the Future Scope carpark which has an area set aside that can easily accommodate 200 motorhomes.
Future scope is an assortment of high tech rides and exhibits primarily aimed at100_9140  younger people. Apart from one unfortunate experience we had a nice day there. The first ride we went on in the morning was a 4D simulation ride that had moving seats, which not so bad, but the incredibly harsh jolting of the seats was very severe and upset Trish’s back. So we avoided those rides for the rest of the day.
We paid for the parking, serviced the Hymermobile at the service point and headed 40k south through Poities about 40k to the small town of Vivonne where we parked in the Motorhome Airs in the centre of town next to the tourist beureu. we took an evening stroll around the town and along the banks of a small river.
Trish went out hunting and gathering in the morning and came back with some fresh baked bread and a cheese and ham pastry for breakfast. IMAG1054

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