Aabenraa Denmark and on to Copenhagen

Harbour masters have woken up to how to earn a few extra dollars and also assist motorhomers by providing parking areas at the wharf area or next to boat clubs. The facilities are already there in some cases to cater for the visiting small boats. Catering for motorhomes is simply an extension of that service.

St Nikalai Church Aabenraa Denmark
All the facilities required are provided at Aabenraa, water, power, toilets and a fully automated machine to issue an electronic gate pass. All you have to do is insert your credit card and pay the fee of 120Dk (A$24).
Aabenraa is situated at the head of the Aabenraa Fjord, an arm of the Little Belt, in Denmark, 38 miles (61 km) north of the town of Schleswig. Its name originally meant “open beach”
In the morning we stopped at the St. Nikolai Church (St. Nikolaj kirke) from the time of King Valdemar with construction beginning ca. 1250.
After morning tea we headed back to the E20 and toward Copenhagen. The European route E 20 is part of the United Nations International E-road network. It runs roughly west-east through Ireland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and finally Russia. The length is 1880 km (1168 mi). (Unlike Europe the  ‘E’ routes are not signposted in the UK).

Great Belt Link East Bridge Denmark

At the island of Zealand we came to our first toll bridge and where we now have to pay the price for opting for the comfort of a larger motorhome! The East Bridge is a suspension bridge with the worlds longest main span (1.6Km) that forms part of the Great Belt Fixed Link  between the islands of Zealand and Sprogo and a box girder bridges the sea between Sprogo and Funen. The whole structure is very impressive.

Driving onto the East bridge Denmark
The toll gate measures and weighs the vehicle automatically shows the toll payable on a tv screen (655 Dk). Just had to insert our VISA card and 2 seconds later approved and the boom gate goes up. No verification pin or signature just A$120 less in the bank.
Approaching Copenhagen we decided not to try and stay in the city centre. Although there is a motorhome parking area there It is also a restricted zone for large vehicles (over 3.5t) and a Trish was concerned that we did not have the required emmissions tag.

So we turned right and headed for the nearby coastal village of Dagar and while looking for a place to stop for the night happened across Copenhagen Camping. This is a caravan park / camping ground on the coast which also has a Motorhome quickstop facility. Level parking, power, water and WC for 135DK (A$ 24.50). We settled in and used google earth to look for suitable parking places near the closed metro stations. A visit to Copenhagen tomorrow.

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