Mole Creek Karst NP Tasmania – Exploring Caves

Had a great time exploring Honeycomb Cave an open cave system near Caveside in Tasmania. Found quite by accident while driving around the Mole Creek area. The karst landscape of Tasmania’s Mole Creek area is famed for its caves. One of the most accessible is Honeycomb Cave.

It was great just to be able to go into some caves. Was very cautious took 2 torches but wished I had more light. the holes in the floor of Honeycomb Cave opened up over an underground stream below. Closer to the road, a track led to an alternative entrance. Once inside, a glow in the distance showed the route to a sinkhole.

The main entrance to Honeycomb Cave was a short descent next to the car park. It led to the banks of a creek flowing into the cave. The view downstream showed sunlight entering from other parts of the cave

I made a short video of the cave.

The simplest way to navigate to the cave is to drive to Mole Creek, then turn south onto Caveside Road (sealed). When this reached a T-junction, then turn west onto Wet Caves Road (unsealed). The Honeycomb Cave car park is visible 500 metres ahead.


Caves are not safe places, and the open nature of Honeycomb Cave can be deceptive.  In June 2015 a visitor to Honeycomb Cave suffered a serious fall. Watch the ground and do not step anywhere you cannot see clearly.  Do not go out of sight of daylight if you are not a trained and equipped caver.

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