Cherbourg France

Cherbourg France
Napoleon Park Cherbourg

Cherbourg  (share-bourg) is the largest city in the Manche Province of France. The town and its population suffered terribly during WWII.

Cherbourg is a quant but industrial modern port. The original fishing village here was expanded by the order of Napoleon. Several ferries depart from here to the UK, which is significant for us as we may return here next  by motorhome

Basilique de la Trinite
Cherbourg Seafood

Today we just walked around the town, visited the shopping area,  the Basilique de la Trinite, Napoleon Park and the Redoubtable at the Submarine Museum.

This was also an opportunity to conduct some recognisance  see where the motorhomes were parked around the port area.

Doggy in the window

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