Brugge,(Bruges) Belgium

Trish Brugge Belgium

We awoke to blue skies and sunshine and already docked in Zeebrugge. Today we caught the shuttle bus from the port at Zeebrugge to Blankenburg railway station and caught the train to Brugge.  The train takes 17 min and was only A$5.00 ea.

Once connected to the sea by the Zwin River ( now silted), Brugge was a key coastal fort and its protection drew merchants into the surrounding regions. Access to the North Sea was a boon to seagoing commerce and by the 10th Century regular routes led to Scandinavia.

Street Puppet Show Brugge

The day was spent wandering along the tree lined cobblestone city streetsof Brugge and taking in the sights of the Gothic buildings canals and churches.

Canals Brugge Belgium

The Flemish town of Brugge  ( broo kheh) is perhaps one of the few places in Flanders that truly captures the nation’s dual nature. The city “slept” for centuries after the Zwin River clogged with silt and commercial interests shifted to Antwerp. Brugge is now connected to the artificial harbour at Zeebrugge  by the nine-mile-long Boudewijn canal, built in 1907.

In 1892 the French author Georges Rodenbach warned the old buildings were in danger and wealthy Flemish merchants rushed to restore them and  Brugge was rediscovered and restored by wealthy Flemmish buisnessmen. Click read more below for more…………

Artifacts for sale Brugge Market

We spent some time viewing the artefacts on sale in the street markets while on the canal next to the market canal boats took tourists for scenic rides. An assortment of brickabrack although many of the goods on sale were  older than  items than we are used to in Australia.

‘The Church of Our Lady Brugge

In the afternoon we visited  ‘The Church of Our Lady’ where the white marble sculpture of the Madonna and child is displayed which was created by Michelangelo around 1504. The stained glass windows were marvellous with each having its own  story to tell.

Steven writing the cache log

We seached for and found a geocache while walking by the canal. Trish also managed to catch up with some emails as there were many free wifi access points.

Trish catching up on emails above wall on left

Back on board the Ryndam, the process of packing all belongings back into suitcases began.

Even after being very disciplined and only buying only a few more items on the journey it proved to be a challenge to close and zip up the suitcases!!
Once packed and all bags presented outside the cabin, our last meal was eaten in the Main Dining room chatting with guests we had not  met before. The  evening show was a  soloist saxophone player and  entertainers of previous nights and well presented.
Pizza Delivery Brugges Belgium
Trish and resored buildings Brugge Belgium
Restored buildings Brugge Belgium
Trish online Brugge Belgium
Trish and Police Brugge Belgium
Brugge Canal Belgium
Canal tours Brugge Belgium
Dover tomorrow.

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