Vadstena to Lindesberg

Watching the Vätternrundan Bike Ride

Passing through Motala we were fortunate to come across the Vätternrundan (pronounced vet-turn-rund-an) a bicycle recreational ride around Lake Vättern in Sweden. This ride is held in mid-June every year. The distance is 300 km, with start and finish in the town of Motala. for more than 50K we past a never ending line of cyclists (even a few gorillas on bikes to fast for our camera). Fortunately they were all going in the oppisite direction or it would have been a very slow drive. We later found out that this years event was limited to 22,000 participants!! Approximately 25% of the participants come from outside Sweden with over 35 nations represented.

Trish spotted her first wild deer near Ljungby.

Stopped in the afternoon after a long drive at a ratsplaz near Lindesburg and went for a walk through the woods past a retored viking house and down a marked path into a very rocky area of forrest in an area of an old viking settlement.

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