Chamonix Mont Blanc – France

101_0287Woke up to low fog but no rain and blue skies above. Great day to take the cable car up to the top!!

We walked to the Aiguille Du Midi Cable Car station and were met by a long que, it seems a couple of hundred other people had the same idea. The cable car costs EUR 42.50 return and can take about 70 people every 15 minutes. So the wait was about half an hour. It was a balmy 2 deg at the Chamonix cable car station which is at 1035 Meters (3395ft) the webcam  at the top station, Aiguille Du Midi, at 3842m ( 12604ft) showed clear skies and –12C!! Just as well we had all our warm clothes on!!

9-20-11 France - Chamonix Mont Blonc Cable Car
Waiting for the first cable car – Chamonix Mont Blanc

The trip is with two cable cars the first goes to midway to 2317m (7601ft). Then change cable cars, and the second cable car is over single span that goes up another 1525m (5003ft) up the mountain cliff face to the top.  This cable car leaves horizontally and climbs almost vertically as it nears the top and also docks at the top vertically (like an elevator). An exiting trip.

As has happened before Trish had a lot of trouble with the altitude, difficult breathing and some chest pain, seems to happen whenever we go above 9000ft. We took things very slowly and Trish loved the experience of looking down on rugged 11,000 ft mountains, up at Mont Blanc at 15780ft and the green valley way way below.

Here the photos here speak louder than words.

Waiting for the second cable car
Clear skies and Minus 12 Degrees for our arrival at the top
Mont Blanc – Worth waiting for!!
View over the mountains – Mont Blanc
Chamonix Mont Blanc in the valley below
On top of the world Mont Blanc 12,604ft
Trish on an outside staircase Mont Blanc 12,604ft
Its a long way down to Chamonix
The start point for alpine hiking or climbing Mont Blanc
Preparing for a hike
Setting off for a hike from the ice cave
Mont Blanc cable car
Cable car station midway down
On the way Down
Our Home in Chamonix Mont Blanc (RH side of coach park)
Our Home in Chamonix Mont Blanc

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We took over 300 photos!! so have included only a few here……

Second cable car Mont Blanc-  60 person cable cars are to small to see!!
Can you see the climbers? on the track going to the right in the shadow

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