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Who left the lights on?

Today we set off from Corfe Mullen down to the coast in Cornwall.

A stop for lunch and a cuppa turned into a longer stop with a flat battery (after leaving the lights on). Not wanting to take out one of the house batteries Steven made an extra jumper lead from 10 lengths of heavy duty wire to connect the house battery to the main battery and we were soon back on the road again.

Treloan Coast Cornwall
Treloan Coast Cornwall

We arrived at the Treloan Coast Holidays Caravan Park at Gerrans at 4:30pm just on dusk!!! and set up on a pitch that overlooked the English Channel and surrounding fields.

Next morning with picnic lunch and decked out in wet weather clothes we set off from our van park on the Coastal Walking Path. As it had been previously raining and now threatening to do also the path was muddy and slippery in places. Walking along the cliffs gave us a picturesque scene of the beaches and ocean and farmers fields on the other side.

Walking the Coastal Trail Roseland Peninsular

Coastal Trail Cornwall

The search for a geo-cache was elusive so we continued on and sat on a provided wooden bench overlooking Towan Beach to have our picnic lunch.

We reached St Anthony Battery Gun Emplacement on the St Anthony Cove and continued on to the peninsula where our walk ended at the St Anthony Lighthouse on Anthony Cove. 

Walking the Coastal Trail Roseland Peninsular

One highlight of the walk was watching what we thought was a sea and rescue drill taking place with a helicopter hovering over a boat for quite a long time and winching up in the end a stretcher then person.

Shortcut back to the Hymermobile

After taking in the views of Falmouth Harbour we started our return journey taking the lanes back to our caravan park. In total we had walked 15km and were grateful to return to the Hymermobile to rest our weary bones and a hot drink. We enjoyed this park of Cornwall and its lovely coastline.

Empty Cornwall beaches at this time of the year

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