New Havern UK to France

Boarding the Transmanche Ferry

Today we are continuing our Europe tour to spend some time driving through France to Spain. 

Set off at 5:30am for the drive to New Havern to board the 9:30 ferry to Deippe in France. Jack frost covered the fields and ice covered parked cars. Arrived at the Transmanche Ferry terminal at 8am.

Newhaven Port UK

Drove our Hymermobile onto the very empty ferry at 9:10am and set sail at 9:30am. 

Ferry Crossing Newhaven to Dieppe

The ferry was better than those on our previous crossings, we seem to get hungry on morning ferry crossings so enjoyed a full English breakfast. Weather across the English Channel was bleak and cold but it was a smooth crossing taking 3.5 hours and arriving at Deippe, France 2pm to rain and cold.

Quiet toll road – France

By 3:45pm and heading inland the rain stopped and the sun came out. It was lovely to feel the warmth of the sun beaming in through the Hymermobile windows. 

Our miniature Christmas tree saw the sun for the first time since receiving it as a gift from Steven’s Niece 9 days ago.

We drove through the La Loire valley and Normandy with farm land and old stone buildings, lots of Chateaus, some restored to their former splendour, castles, villages and bare limbed trees already in their winter state made for a picturesque drive.

Arrived at our pre planed Aires in the village of Neville-Pont-Pierre with wooded park area behind us and settled in. Cold and windy so with warm jackets on we set off for our usual evening walk to check out the surrounding area and stretch out the leg and back muscles after a long drive. 

Our Home at Neville-Pont-Pierre

This was a free Airs with free electricity something that some small towns and villages provide. Many of the Aires we have stopped at in France seem to be looked after by the local police. Can’t see this ever happening in Australia! Unfortunately we arrived after dark and did not see the power outlets!! 

Set off next morning at 11:30am in foggy conditions and as the day progressed, sun and rainy spells again and pleasant scenery. Drove through Loire valley, the town of Tours and over the Loire river.

Mirizam Plage

It was 7pm by the time we arrived at the beach town of Mirizam Plage (Plage is French for Beach) to the Flot Bleu Park (aires) just behind high sand dunes and the constant roar of the Atlantic Ocean crashing into the beach on the other side.

Our home in Mirizam Plage

We took our evening walk into the empty tourist town, a couple of bars were open and the occasional dog owner walking their pooches were out and about. With the heater on, and warm and cozy inside we were lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean and the strong wind rocking the Hymermobile.

The next morning we were up and on the beach. The beach goes as far as you can see and there were only two people on it, Us!!

It took us a while to get on the road as the Parking payment machine was broken and the boom gate would not go up. So a call to the local Gendarmerie and a local police office came out to fix the machine.

Mirizam Plage

Trish self portrait on Mirizam Plage – Steven still in bed


  1. You explained very nicely about the trip, both of you were enjoying the sunlight and heat, beach and the English breakfast. The pictures are great and your description of the ferry to Deippe is cool. I hope you people earned the lovely movements.

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