East MacDonnell Ranges & Trephina Gorge

Trephina Gorge

We have decided to stay in Alice Springs for a couple of days and explore some of the area we have not seen before. Trephina Gorge caught our attention if only for the interesting name. 

The road into Trephina Gorge

We set up the Caravan at the Gap Caravan Park went into Alice for some supplies and will head off to Trephina Gorge tomorrow.

Trephina Gorge, in the East MacDonnell Ranges, Located 85km East of Alice Springs. The area is noted for its sheer quartzite cliffs and River Red Gum lined watercourses. 

Two gorges dissect the range: Trephina, with its wide views and sandy creek bed, and John Hayes Rock Hole with steep, narrow rock walls.

You can get here in a 2WD and there is also a camping area which can take off road vans. 

We decided to take the high track first walking over the top of the range along the top of the gorge cliff faces then track back through the gorge following the wide sandy creek bed.

This was a mid to late afternoon walk with the low sun highlighting the green against the red rock of the cliffs.

The water was still flowing and attracting animals and lots of birds.

The largest Ghost Gum in Central Australia is set in the park, alone on a saltbush flat. The area is significant to the Eastern Arrernte Aboriginal people and contains sites that are part of the Wallaby dreaming trail. Once a part of the Garden Station, the park has strong historic links with the early settlement of Central Australia.

Trish Ready for the climb down?

This is classic MacDonnell Ranges rockhole country, beautiful and isolated the further upstream you walk.

The MacDonnell ranges. Stretching for 400km from east-west in a series of parallel ranges, the East and West MacDonnell Ranges straddle the town of Alice Springs, which sits alongside a gap between them. 

The long term erosive work of streams in the ranges has created a magnificent series of dramatic gaps and gorges which are easy to access from Alice Springs.

Trish on the edge Traphina Gorge
Waves in the Sandstone

Heading Down the other side of Trephina Goege
Following the Creek – Traphina Gorge
Still some water around – Trephina Gorge
Budgies Everywhere – Trephina Gorge
Following the Sandy river bed Trephina Gorge

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