JLF Trek 2017 Day 1 Myponga to Petrel Cove Victor Harbour

Jlf trek day 1. Made it. Did 45k today 42k on the trek. Missed the track so did an extra 2 k and walked back from the drop off point for an extra 3k. Longest days walk in my life. This popular event runs on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 May is one of The Jodi Lee Foundation’s major fundraising events for 2017.

The trek follows the Heysen Trail and day One starts at Myponga South Australia and finishes at Petrel Cove, Victor Harbour. A very wet hike, soaked to the skin and with steep slippery and Treacherous section. Went ok thank goodness for hiking poles!! Not so good for others however on the bright side there was only one broken leg and helicopter medivac.

Sore everywhere! Now to do it all again tomorrow. If you have not donated and would like to please click HERE to Donate to the Jodi Lee Foundation.

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