Smith’s Track Hike – Cairns Queensland

Continuing on from Glacier Rock on the Douglas and Smith tracks.

Used the Smiths track to head back. Unfortunately the phone Battery went flat, so few photos. Finial distance 15k elevation gain closer to 900m. A second long climb to a Never-ending decent was particularly challenging and one I will never do again in high humidity and no breeze. Made some basic tropical mountain hiking mistakes, annoying since I know better. Suffice to say I was not in good shape at the end of this hike

Smiths Track runs between Speewah on the Tableland and Stoney Creek in Cairns. This seven kilometre section includes a variety of natural and historical features. The walk begins at the Speewah campground and shares the first 750 metres with the Douglas Track before diverging up the hill to an old road.

Smiths Track winds its way through beautiful forest with large Kauri pines down to the junction of Fern Creek and Stoney Creek where you can refresh yourself in the small swimming holes and rapids. It is only a short walk up the hill to Toby’s lookout with views down the valley to Cairns and the sea. From Toby’s Lookout you can walk down over tunnel 9 over the railway line to Stoney Creek Road in the Rainforest Estate.

There are numerous links to other walks in this area, and you should carry a map. They are now all well signposted. The Gandal Wandun Link Track (1.2 kilometres) was used to walk from Smiths Track to Douglas Track.

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