Heysen Trail – Cape Jervis to Trig Campground 23km

Today I walked the first part of the Heysen Trail Section 1 from Trig Campground in Deep Creek Conservation Park to Cape Jervis. Cape Jervis is the start (or finish) of this 1200km long trail.  For an interactive map of the Heysen Trail click Here . This is part of my Cancer Council Relay For Life Challenge I thought it would be a great opportunity to walk some more of the Heysen Trail.

This section takes in some spectacular South Australian coastline, the Deep Creek Conservation Park and surrounding hilly farmland still lush and green from the winter rains. 

The Heysen Trail Follows the Coast to Cape Jervis

Been a long time since I did a strenuous walk! It soon became apparent when going up and down the gullies and valleys in this first section just how much fitness I have lost and having to carry the extra winter weight gained.

Blue Tongue Lizard Warming up in the Sun

It is fast approaching tiger snake season here with the warmer spring weather and snakes warming themselves up after hibernation. I only came across large Blue Tongue lizards warming themselves in the sun on the track. 

Also  confronted by a couple of huge grey Kangeroos both taller than me! I also came across what looked like a red Kangaroo’s.  I thought they lived in more arid areas.

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Deep Creek Conservation Park
Deep Creek Conservation Park

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Down and Up Crossing the Valleys leading to the Ocean

Lilly in all the creeks

Deep Creek Conservation Park

Deep Creek Conservation Park Coastline

Nako Inlet

Cape Jervis – Ferry to Kangaroo Island

Hikers Overnight Hut – Eagle Waterhole

Just Me and the Kangaroos

Start of the Heysen Trail – Cape Jervis SA

Native Orchids

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