Reynolds River NT Australia

The Reynolds River passes through the Litchfield National Park. The park itself is located about 120km south of Darwin and is accessible via Batchelor. The Litchfield Park Road that runs through the park from the East, is also sealed, and provides access to most of the attractions and waterfalls within the park.

The normal turn-off to Reynolds River is the Reynolds River Track located between the Tolmer and Wangi Falls. However the track we followed this trip is a smaller less well known four-wheel drive track located near the boundary in the southern section of the Park. I had spotted this track on a recent helicopter flight over the NP. This was a 2 day trek one day in and one day out both trips involved some track clearing and moving fallen trees blocking the way. We camped in an isolated area by a large pool in the river. With crocodiles in mind not to close!

Reynolds River NT
Reynolds River NT

The track on the way out was also little used and when we finally reached one of the park access roads we found out why as we were on the wrong side of a padlocked gate! A short detour along the fence line and disassembled the fence at a suitable spot, passed over the fence onto the road and reassembled the fence.

Took the dirt road toward Bachelor and home to Darwin.

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