Carnival Liberty Miami

On the Carnival Liberty
Trish is much better today and we are very exited about visiting our Nephew on the Carnival Liberty. (I don’t think anything would have stopped Trish getting on  the ship today). So we said a very grateful thank you and farewell to our host Ligia who helped Trish’s recovery with a home made herbal Ginger tea and set off for the Miami airport.
The car rental return went smoothly great considering I had put a big hole in the rear of the car! To make things easier we shelled out the $4.00 for a trolley to push the luggage the short distance from the car rental to the Port of Miami shuttle bus. This did not go as well with Steven managing to roll the bags off the trolley and along the ground twice!!
Boarding the Carnival liberty went well with automated check in machines to speed up the process (similar to those they now have at the airports).

Met up with our Nephew in the afternoon, stood by the railing and watched the sunset and Miami receding in the distance while catching up with all the family news.
Trish and Edward Sailing out of Miami
Trish and Edward Port of Miami
Steven Edward Carnival Liberty Sailing from Miami

Great to be on a ship again. No cooking, no cleaning, no driving, no navigating, great food, live entertainment every night and you don’t have to wash dishes or make the bed!!! Biggest decision of the day is where to eat dinner.

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