Santa Cruz – Tenerife – Canary Islands – Spain

Arrival at Tenerife -Land a Welcome Sight
Today was a welcome day on land after 10 days at sea.  The island was a wonderful sight as our ship headed towards its shores this morning. Trish was soaking up the heat in the hot tub while taking in the view of the Island approaching.  One half of the island, the southern side, bathed in sunlight while the northern half was covered in dark rain threatening clouds over the sharp mountain peaks, diveded by a rainbow a wonderful sight.

Arrival at Tenerife

Trish – Santa Cruz Tenerife
Santa Cruz de Tenerife if the largest of the Canary Islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean.  Its name is taken from the Guanche word meaning ‘snow-capped mountain’.  Past volcanic activity is apparent on Tenerife with the dominant feature of this island being  an enormous volcanic cone 12,950ft high (3,718 meters) named the Pico deo Teide.  The northern part of the island is lush with banana trees, and steep cliffs edge the shored. The southern tip of the island is arid.
Steven has a habit of aiming to get to the highest point wherever we go and  had hoped to ride the cable car to the 12950ft summit. Unfortunately we have arrived on an Easter public holiday and transport was difficult obtain with taxis asking nearly $200 for the trip. The clouds moved in over the mountain as we were contemplating hiring a car and as we have seen the insides of clouds before we decided to leave this adventure for next time.
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The Gaunche people who lived on Tenerife, where discovered by the Spanish in the 15th Century. It was noted  the Gaunches lived in conditions like the Stone Age, living in the caves in the volcanic rock, wore goat skins, ate grilled cereals and cheese’s. No explanation has been found for the presence among them of fair-skinned, blonde people. Conquest and natural disasters ( plague, famine and volcanic eruptions) have left few survivors.
Most of Sant Cruz Closed for Easter
In modern times, tourism plays an important part of the local company. Three cruise liners were docked in port today, which provides around five thousand tourist passengers onshore. Interestingly despite all this cash looking for a place to be spent most of the shops still remained closed for the holiday.
On shore we walked through the narrow paved streets taking in the sights of Spanish buildings and brightly flowered trees. Of course there was the ‘Ye  Olde Mac Donald’s’, with the available wi fi where we spent some time uploading our e mails, drinking coffee and Skyping  family back home.
In the late afternoon we boarded the Red open roof double Decker City Sightseeing  bus for 10 Euro each with the price including a set of ear phones to tune into the tour guide audio for history of the city and surrounding port area.
Open top bus tour Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Tenerife
Another for our Trish and Police Car Collection

 (We have a photo of Trish with a police car everywhere we have been for the last 10 years)

Farewell to Tenerife
Tomorrow will see us at the Island of Lanzarote

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