Mid Atlantic Update 1

Steven working from his new office Mid Atlantic Ocean

The swell is much larger today. A long low Atlantic swell coming from the North East so the movement of the ship is quite pronounced and only those coming from the bar can manage to walk in a straight line!!

Steven managed to catch up with some work today
Position update. We are now at 30.04.32 N – 053.16.86 W this is about 1200 Nm (2200km)  from Half Moon Cay with 1,860 Nm (3444 km) still to go to Funchal (Madeira)  It is a 12 hour time difference here and on the opposite side of the globe from Australia.
If you drill a hole straight down you may come out somewhere near here. Please do not try this!! As has the hole will fill up with water once you reach 16,000ft below where we are.
Ryndam Cabin 612 – No Houswork here!!
We have just changed course to the south to avoid two fast moving low pressure systems in the Eastern Atlantic. Had we maintained the course to Madeira then we would have been pushing through 10 meter waves for 2 days from tomorrow.
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As the Captain just advised this could be an unpleasant experience!! The course we are taking to avoid the low pressure systems will keep the waves down to 3-5 meters. This is our third Atlantic crossing and it is times like this that selecting a cabin right at the centre of gravity of the ship pays off!!!  Very little rocking movement and no up and down movement. Significantly less than at the front or the back where the sensation of the deck falling away when walking is quite strange.  Although we have not been advised as yet, we suspect that this deviation to the south will mean missing one of the ports of call.

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