Our Mercedes / Hymer 680 starline

Well it has been a hectic time getting everything together for the Motorhome, NI Number for me in case I ever need to work in the UK, registering with a local doctor to obtaining National Health Numbers. This will then enable me to obtain a European Health Card.  This helps with accessing free or much cheaper health care in most European countries.  Buying all the stuff to kit out the motorhome, joining the Caravan Club ordering maps and travel books from Amazon etc.

One of the features of the Hymer was it came with a pull out motorcycle rack in the rear bumper. Our plan was to buy a scooter to carry on the rack so we could get into town or the sights once the motorhome was parked for the night.

We decided to practice loading a scooter and give it a try with Steven’s second cousins  scooter . After assembling the ramp and trying to push the scooter up the ramp onto the rack about 2 – 3 ft high it soon became obvious  that I would not be able to push a heavily built  scooter all the way up the ramp unassisted.

How is this going to fit on the bike rack?

Some leverage was required here so spent most of today building a winch attachment for the bike rack out of a block of wood and a boat winch to mount on the end of the rack out of wood.  The winch worked well but have now to work out how to tie a scooter down on the rack!!

We had hoped to buy a scooter before setting off however do not want this to hold up our departure any longer as we have been staying at Steven’s cousins now for 26 Days.  Longer than we had anticipated however the time has flown passed and the generosity and support we have received here has been wonderful.
Bike Night Poole Dorset

I will write up a few tips and hints based on our experiences in setting up to tour Europe in a motorhome on a separate page  Motorhome  Insurance has been one of our biggest issues and the system here is quite different to Australia.

Steven and Auntie Betty with Hymie

Every Tuesday evening is Bike Night in Poole where hundres of motor bikes and riders gather. $5.00 entry for each bike all goes to charity. This became a regular event for us checking out bikes from the biggest bikes to the oldest vintage bikes followed by a beer at the local pub.

We will soon be off to visit relatives near Birmingham and Manchester.

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