Square and Compass Dorset

St Martins On The Walls

Today we had a break and were taken on a tour of the local area around Poole in Dorset.  Steven’s Cousin Shirley and Kelly were our tour guides for a visit to two of very old churches and an old English Pub on a hillside with great views of the fog.

First stop was St Martins On The Walls in Wareham founded in the 10th Century. St Martin’s Church is the oldest and most complete Saxon church in Dorset and inside are some of the most complete Saxon wall paintings. The church is now a Grade I listed building of historical interest and was well worth a visit. On the North wall of the chancel are various 12th century frescos of St Martin. Martin was a Roman soldier in France in the mid 4th century.The church is also still a functioning, worshipping community.
Our stop for refreshments was at the Square and Compass a fabulous old pub in Matravers Dorset that specialises in home pressed traditional ciders. The publican may not have been impressed when Trish said they all taste like beer to here

On the way home we stopped at St John the Baptist, Bere Regis this church has the most amazing and ornate wooden ceiling.

St John the Baptist, Bere Regis

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