Trollholmsund Township

Ready to depart today at 11am. Late starts lunch at 5pm and dinner at near midnight are becoming more common with never ending daylight. and our first adventure for the day was a 2.7km walk on a forest trail.

Stopped in Lakeselv for fuel and managed to get a good internet connection at the service station and were able to do a video call on Skype to our daughter and granddaughter in Darwin. Lovely to catch up with them.
Trollholmsund Township

We had heard that some huge Trolls had been turned to stone in Trollholmsund next to the  Porsangerfjorden.  About 35k North of lakselv on the E6, we took the detour of about 10k and walked a 15 minute trail around the fjord to see the ‘Trolls’ made of stone’. The Town and location of Trollholmsund was incredibly peaceful. The only residents we saw were sheep and the walk around the crystal clear water, cliffs and farmhouses to the trolls was magnificent.

The white dolomite formations found here have given the place its name. According to sami ledgend they are a group of trolls that came wandering across the Finnmarksvidda plain. They tried to dig a hole in the rocks in porsanger, but none of the holes were big enough. They moved on and tried to cross the fjord, but before they managedto find shelter, the sun rose and the trolls were turned to stone.

Steven climbed the nearby cliffs on the coast and was successful with a geo-cache find within sight of the Stone Trolls. This was another place where sheep took walks on the beach. No sign of any fish though.
The Trolls at Trollholmsund

Back on the of the E6 we turn toward Alta and notice some of the Trollholmsund residents at the bus stop!

Trollholmsund residents waiting at the bus stop on the E6

Up until now, touring in Northern Finnmark, we have had relatively quite road traffic and easy to find an overnight parking site. We have now joined the primary route to Nordcapp with motor homes and caravans  now a significan proportion of the traffic on the E6. Motorhomers tend to wave to each other as they pass and Steven may be getting a case of tennis elbow.

Arrived just outside of Kafjord and parked the Hymermobile  next to the Fjord.this is where the Terpitz was trapped for a while by the British navy. Steven tried his hand at fishing along with some other people and Trish prepared the dinner which we sat down to eat at midnight.  No fish though!

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