Salzburg Lake District–Austria

 We awoke to a cold morning with white frost covering everything and a layer of ice over the hymermobile. Steven got up and walked down to the edge of lake Traunsee. There was steam rising from the comparatively warm water.  Now and again a boat would become visible through the rising mist with a man already out fishing.

Our home near Ebensee

The air temp had warmed up to about –1. Trish braved the cold about an hour later and the temp was about 2 deg The frost was still thick on the ground however the mist was clearing to reveal another bright sunny day ahead.

101_4015We are headed on a bit of a scenic drive today around the mountains valleys and Salzburg Lake district. In particular those in the opening scenes of the Sound of Music.

Lake Traunsee – Austria

Lake Hallstalter – Austria

It was difficult to park in the small town located between the mountain and lake so we stopped just outside the town beside lake Hallstalter See just outside Hallstatt there was still ice on the bench so we stood and looked at the view for a while.

Lake Hallstalter near Hallstatt

We drove in a loop around the lake and over the mountain pass and down into Bad Aussee
continuing on passed the Truan and Ischl Rivers and around the Salzburg lake district and the lakes of Wolfgangsee and Mondsee  before arriving in Salzburg itself.

10-22-11 Austra - Salzburg lake district-3

Our home at Panarama Camping Grounds overlooking the city of Salzburg.
We settled in for the night and watched the Sound of Music to set the scene for tomorrows explorations.

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