Christmas in Katherine

Katherine River Bridge
Katherine Low Level in the Wet
Quite wet in Katherine over Christmas with rain most days and nights. The river has risen  2-3 meters since we have been here.
Katherine Low Level Geocache
After getting fed up with being indoors today we decided to go out  Geocaching (click to find out what this is) with our Son and granddaughter.  We searched for  5 caches and managed to find 3. This gave us a good excuse to walk over the old Katherine Railway Bridge with the river at 11 meters, look for a cache and watch the water rushing by underneath.  Next stop was the Katherine Low Level nature Park with was underwater fortunately the cache was high and dry and found by an exited granddaughter. A great afternoon as the rain held off for an hour or two.
Katherine does flood with the town being inundated in 1998. Trish and I helped to organise a group of Rotarians to assist with the clean up. A bus was arranged by the NT Gov and were the first bus load of helpers in as soon as the edith river bridge was repaired.  Link to Katherine floods 1998

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