Camino Training Hike- Full Pack in Tropical Weather

First full backpack (13.5 kg but 3.5kg was water) Camino training hike 18k around Girraween Lagoon near Howard Springs NT. Hot 35 and humid but all flat. My biggest concern of walking the Via Podiensis is still the first 10 days of steep accents and decent. At this late stage I have now accepted that I will not be as ready as I hoped and it is going to be tough developing suitable fitness as I go along or rather up and down.

What a difference some weight makes! Result – generally pretty good. Knees good no knee braces needed, did not use hiking poles, hip arthritis grumbled a bit with the extra weight. Right big toe has ingrown toenail problem also with the extra weight. Glad I discovered it now before I leave! I can do something about it before I head off to France in 13 Days. Not like last year where the problem hit after 3 days on the Camino.

One gear failure. Bamboo sports jocks are crap. Tore two big holes in a new pair when taking them off when wet with perspiration. Another reason why you need to test everything before leaving, right down to underwear!

Also testing my own special homemade shampoo soap bar for this trip and it seems to working well.

Have now booked a bed in a Gite d’ètape for the start at Le Puy en Velay and most villages for the first few days. Would have preferred not to have not booked anything however this Aug/Sept is the peak of the French hiking season and booking ahead is also expected on this route. So will book ahead as much as I can until at least Conques. (10 days or 244k)

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